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CLARO Anti-Acne Pillowcase is Finland's first pillowcase that has been treated with silver. CLARO was developed and designed in Finland.

CLARO Anti-Acne Pillowcase combines the purity of nature with timeless elegance, offering you a new way to enhance your skincare routine. Made of luxurious mulberry silk, CLARO exudes simplicity and intoxicating sophistication.

Let your skin experience the regenerating power of a pillowcase enriched with ClaroTech silver ions. Thanks to the silver, you'll say goodbye to nasty bacteria and goodbye to acne-related worries, as our magical creation eliminates up to an amazing 99.7% of acne-related bacteria and skin problems. You'll enjoy peace of mind knowing your pillowcase is working hard to improve the condition of your skin.

Luxurious 22 mom mulberry silk caresses your hair with its light touch, minimizing friction and reducing hair breakage. You wake up with frizzy hair, because the silky smooth texture of the pillowcase prevents frizz and hair damage.

Pamper yourself with our refined and effective acne-fighting CLARO pillowcase. It's the perfect addition to your skincare and beauty routine. ClaroTech technology combines the magic of silver ions and silk, creating a wonderful new opportunity for the well-being of your skin and hair. You will experience the magic of CLARO when you fall into a peaceful sleep and wake up to a world where beauty is redefined.
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