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Korean BB Glow training

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The BB Glow training deepens your knowledge of Korean beauty care using mesotherapy. The BB Glow treatment is a form of mesotherapy developed in Korea, where microneedling with a nano needle is combined with BB serum. Evie's Stayve series BB Glow products have gained popularity around the world.

 Before the BB Glow training, you must have the necessary knowledge of microneedling. If you are interested in BB Glow treatment training and you are not yet an experienced mesotherapy and microneedling professional, you should check out our Microneedling + BB Glow training, where you get both trainings as a package.

There are two different starter packages to choose from for the training, and it always includes written teaching material (pre-information form template & home care instructions), a diploma and a badge for acting as a Stayve representative.

  • Option 1: Dr. Pen microneedling pen for professional use + 2 nano needles + Booster Starter Kit (8ml x 12) and BB Glow Starter Kit (8ml x 12)

  • Option 2: Booster Starter Kit + BB Glow Starter Kit (8ml x 12)

If you choose the option 2 package, you must have a microneedling pen with which you can perform nanoneedling. Please bring your own microneedling pen and nano tip to the training. The training takes place at the Femina Beauty & Laser clinic in Aurinkolahti, Helsinki, and the length of the day is 4-5 hours.

SKY cosmetologist Arjan Sharif serves as the training. Arjan has more than 2 years of experience with Stayve products and uses Stayve products daily.

Femina Beauty Oy is Finland's only importer and retailer of Evie's BB Glow products. After completing the training, you can act as an official Stayve representative in your nursing home.


For non-cancellable training places, we charge the full price of the training. However, if you cancel the place due to illness (24-48 hours earlier), and you can provide a medical certificate, we will deduct only the booking fee, i.e. €150, from the payment.



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Korean BB Glow training
Korean BB Glow training