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Petité CLARO® antibakteerinen muotoonommeltu lakana pinnasänkyyn

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Petité CLARO® is the first bedding series in Finland with a silver-treated bed sheet fabric. The silver ion technology in the sheet destroys 99.7% of bacteria, and thanks to the silver treatment, the sheet only needs to be washed every 14 days. Petité CLARO® is made from ecological bamboo, whose antimicrobial properties create a clean and peaceful sleeping environment. The bedding utilizes silver ion technology, where the silver ions bind to bacteria, preventing their reproduction. The CLARO® series has been awarded the Design from Finland mark.

Antibacterial silver has been proven in long-term use to be a safe way to prevent the spread of odors and bacteria. Say goodbye to occiput baldness and sensitive skin irritations. Petité CLARO® bedding is soft and works wonders for the skin. The silver ions contained in the fabric protect against skin bacteria and make the skin feel clean and healthy. Instead of baldness at the back of your baby's head, your child's limp hair will be shiny and smooth after a night. Perfect for baby!

Many babies have atopic or very sensitive skin. Petité CLARO® helps! The gentle touch of the bedding keeps the baby's skin in good condition and at the same time prevents the growth of nasty bacteria. As if your baby is sleeping on a wonderfully soft cloud, where every movement feels like a dream. Bamboo viscose not only breathes on the skin, it also allows the skin to breathe. Petité CLARO® bedding is more than a high-quality fabric material, it's about holistic well-being.

The antibacterial shape-stitched sheet is suitable for cots: 60x120cm.

 CLARO® Petité

  • Bamboo Lyocell 400TC (vegan)

  • Silver treated (SILVADUR™ technology)

  • Both the sheet and the silver ion technology are OEKO-TEX® certified

  • designed and developed in Finland, production in China



To ensure the durability and effectiveness of the CLARO® Petité bedding set, follow these gentle care instructions.

Washing interval: wash the sheets every 14 days to maintain its cleanliness and effectiveness.

The right detergent: always use a mild detergent specially designed for delicate materials such as silk (pH 7-7.5). Avoid highly alkaline detergents. We recommend using Bio Luvil Wool&Silk detergent.

Washing temperature: choose a washing program suitable for silk, where the temperature does not exceed 30°C. A higher temperature can damage the sheets. Also note that the spinning time should be kept short.

Wash alone: ​​do not wash at the same time as other textiles.

Drying: hang sheets in a well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight. This ensures airy drying. Avoid tumble drying, as high temperatures can damage the material.

NOTE: the antibacterial sheet is sensitive, so handling and washing should be done carefully. Follow these instructions to keep the CLARO® Petité bedding set high-quality and effective for a long time. Regular and gentle care ensures the best possible functionality and service life of the product.



Onko CLARO® turvallinen?

Both CLARO®️ and SILVADUR™️ silver ion technology is Oeko-Tex®️ certified. Therefore, CLARO®️ products do not contain chemicals that are dangerous for humans or harmful to health. In addition, every CLARO®️ product label has a QR code that takes you to the website maintained by Oeko-Tex®️, where you can see that the certificate is authentic and thus has received safety approval in Europe.

We use SILVADUR™️ patented silver ion technology in CLARO®️ products.

SILVADUR™️ technology certificates:

• bluesign®️ approved
• Oeko-Tex®️ certified
• EU Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) notified and approved
• EU REACH approved
• U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) -rekisteröity

10 syytä miksi Petité CLARO®

🍼made from the best bamboo sheet in the world and 100% vegan - a natural alternative
🍼silver treated with SILVADUR™ silver ion technology
🍼 Petité CLARO® and SILVADUR™ are both Oeko-Tex® certified - the products do not contain chemicals dangerous to humans and are not harmful to health. Ethically and sustainably developed.
🍼 soothes atopic skin and is an excellent choice for sensitive skin
🍼prevents the little one's hair from falling out and tangling
🍼anti-allergic and anti-bacterial
🍼regulates the temperature and is 100% breathable, so your little one won't sweat in the summer or get cold in the winter
🍼almost as soft and smooth as silk
🍼 an ecological option, because you wash the sheets every 2 weeks.
🍼 fights odors: due to bacteria, ordinary bed sheets start to smell in a few days, Petité CLARO® fights unpleasant odors

Missä CLARO® sarjan tuotteet valmistetaan?

Kaikki CLARO® sarjan tuotteet suunnitellaan ja kehitetään Suomessa. Tuotteet valmistetaan vastuullisella tehtaalla Kiinassa. Lue lisää arvoistamme ja tehtaan sertifikaateista täältä.

Petité CLARO® antibakteerinen muotoonommeltu lakana pinnasänkyyn
Petité CLARO® antibakteerinen muotoonommeltu lakana pinnasänkyyn
Petité CLARO® antibakteerinen muotoonommeltu lakana pinnasänkyyn