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Would you like to learn how to do eyelash extensions? Eyelash technician/trainer Harika has more than 6 years of experience in eyelash extensions. He is very precise and an excellent trainer.

With the volume eyelash technique, you create naturally thick eyelashes for the customer using the fan technique. Volume eyelashes are suitable for customers who have few own eyelashes or hollows in the lash line, and to create an even thicker and more impressive end result.

In the volume training, if necessary, we also attend the theory part of the basic training, but you need at least some experience with classic eyelash extensions. In theory, we will also go through the differences in terms of different eyelashes.

Our product portfolio consists of high-quality eyelash extension accessories, which you will receive from your trainer on the day the training starts. In addition to practical training, the training covers e.g. products, eye shapes, volume eyelash techniques, gluing techniques, decoration possibilities, questions related to eyelash extensions for trainees.

After the training, the trainee will do independent training and on the agreed date will take the exam that entitles him to the diploma. The eyelash technician should practice at least five new eyelashes on their own before coming to the graduation day. It would be good to complete the diploma day no later than 3 months after the training.

We only train 1-2 people at the same time, so you get personal guidance throughout the day.

The price includes the comprehensive starter kit below, lunch, ongoing support, diploma day and diploma:

  • eyelash tweezers (for classic and volume use)

  • gel pads

  • tape

  • first

  • eyelash glue

  • glue remover gel

  • eyelash fiber

  • ripsiharjat

  • mikrokuitutikut


For non-cancellable training places, we charge the full price of the training. However, if you cancel the place due to illness (24-48 hours earlier), and you can provide a medical certificate, we will deduct only the booking fee, i.e. €150, from the payment.



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Eyelash training - Volume